My Essential Oils

My Essential Oils

I love using essential oils whenever I can. Not only does it save me a lot money in the long run, but there’s something about that connection with natural remedies that come straight from the earth and not from a lab.  I’ve made Young Living brand essential oils my products of choice, and here’s a few reasons why.

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

  • The essential oils industry is not regulated by the FDA, but Young Living goes beyond to regulate themselves with their Seed to Seal quality guarantee. They have high standards for every process in their oil production, all the way down to the seed.
  • After buying several brands from specialty stores, I can tell that these oils are of markedly higher quality – 100% pure therapeutic grade, in fact.
  • They go above and beyond the standards set by the USDA’s organic certification for other food industries. For example, they prepare the soil for FIVE years (versus the required three) before planting. Weeds are controlled on their farms by hand-weeding and application of their own essential oils. They feed plants worm castings from worm composting, composted organic plant materials, and spring or aquifer water. Young Living isn’t USDA certified organic – only because there are no regulations targeting the essential oil industry, especially one that operates outside of the U.S.

Are you ready try out essential oils?

Lavender Essential OilAccount Options

Retail Customer: Create an account and purchase Young Living Essential Oils at retail price. This a totally fine option — in fact, I did this at first because I was skeptical of their Wholesale option. However, the more I became acquainted with Young Living, I realized there were no strings attached and I switched my account to Wholesale (below).

Wholesale Member: Create an account and purchase Young Living Essential Oils at the wholesale price (24% off — cheaper than eBay, trust me).  There is no required monthly payment. No subscriptions. No purchase commitments. No surprises or fine print. Seriously, folks.

Wholesale Member Perks

  • 24% off Retail prices. This is cheaper than eBay, trust me. I tried.
  • You get access to Starter Kits. You can get massive discounts on top of your 24% wholesale discount on the right bundle of oils and products that fit your lifestyle.
  • You enter a great support system of people that can mentor you in your oil journey.

You can totally enjoy the wholesale prices with no strings attached. All they ask is that you make $50 total in purchases per year to maintain an “active” wholesale membership. It’s basically like your local Costco or Sam’s Club, but you’re paying in product you’ll actually use and not just an empty membership fee.

And just to be clear, if you sign up using my link, I do get a commission. I want to be totally transparent about that, but I will also give you my totally honest opinions.  I have a full-time job that I love, and Young Living isn’t my home business.

But don’t they have a monthly ordering system? They have one if you want to use it.  It’s called Essential Rewards, and you can create monthly orders and deliveries for yourself, should you so choose at a later date.  If you order a certain amount a month, you start getting kick backs in the form of product credit on your orders. I’ve just started the Rewards program, so I’ll update you guys on my thoughts after a little while.

Do you have more questions? Email me!

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