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April Oils

April 9, 2015

April Oils

This is my first month receiving my Young Living Essential Rewards shipment in the mail, and I stalked my tracking number.

Stalked. It.

I’m excited about my order because I’d run low or out of a few of the 5ml bottles.  Lavender is the fastest to go for me.  But I also ordered some new ones I haven’t tried — Fitness, Dream Catcher, Sacred Mountain, and Grapefruit.


This blend was formulated to support uplift and energize you.  It’s inspired by Oola®, which is a book and program based on finding balance in your life. The Fitness blend is part of set of other oils that Young Living formulated to support different areas of your life. To be frankly honest, I don’t subscribe to the self-help-system thing, so I just ordered the one that I was the most excited about.  I’m planning on reviewing this to see if it helps me feel more motivated to push myself harder in my workouts.

Dream Catcher

I’ve read a few reviews of this essential oil blend online, and according to people who have used it, this oil can be used to promote both positive dreaming and lucid dreaming.  I don’t have issues with nightmares, but I’ve always tried to have more lucid dreams.  I’ve been employing techniques to enhance this already, so the addition of this oil has me excited. I plan on documenting my dreams and feelings when I wake up so that I can really give this a quality review.

Sacred Mountain

This was a total vanity purchase. I love the sent of fresh pine, and there isn’t a lot of pine forest around where I live.  It can also promote feelings of strength, empowerment, and grounding.


I’m planning on adding a drop to my water because I drink a lot of it.  It’s widely promoted to help you feel more full, and thus potentially reduce your appetite. I don’t really have a problem with that, but any help I can get when I’m struggling to limit my food portions is a welcome advantage.


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